Stereotypical Woman

So have appointment to see potential new client…. I know exactly where he is based.  Set off for my 0900 – to find… traffic! whats all that about then ? (note to self – no more 9am meetings) Arrive at destination to find er nope wrong part of town!  No problem i have a little time – drive around til I find it.  Hang a left onto one way system which suddenly becomes not a one way system as aptly advised by white van driver who only just avoids crash and has wide vocabulary in the way of expletives…… Another wrong turn but thats ok I figured that so I turn left with a view to turning around and going back the way I came.  Aah very very narrow road I need to turn around – 57 points later and much to the mirth of the occupants of a whole row of houses….. i escape back to the main road.  Finally i find the office – no parking.  Aha very large blue “P” sign – ….parking!! – turn left as instructed then swing into narrow lane to entrance.  Which er isnt there! I see shutter door – very closed – cant be that – drive on and there it is! ta-dah… big sign ”sensor – roller shutter will rise on approach” indeed it does – er its the exit and lo and behold theres a car waiting to get out…. Nose to nose I in stereotypical way reverse down very narrow lane… almost demolishing huge bin on my right and horticultural feature on my left.  Driver of the car trying to escape via the exit though – is a multi-tasker.  Not only is he mouthing obsceneties at me but he is at the same time – using his fingers to describe more… the lady passenger appears to be laughing very loudly…..

the new client?

“I’ll let you know”

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