Bookkeeper does…… Totally Take That


So my bezzy and I and my 15 year old daughter are off to see “totally take that” at a nearby hotel : dinner disco and the boys! Now neither I nor my girly are Take That fans at all but we thought it may be nice….. my daughter with pony tailed hair and scruffy jeans and t shirt or school uniform transformed into gorgeous,  tall,  hair-to-die-for   in  heels beauty!

 I on the other hand having felt like “ye I scrub up good” was immediately plummeted into the depths of “frumpy mother” as I stood by her side……. Why don’t I go in, in the middle? I’m sure I used to – whats happened there then ?  and I haven’t had a chocolate bar for 2 whole days , why then does my chin still wobble ?(that dieting lark is really not all its cracked up to be) I spent the next 5 mins listening to my luvlee hubby trying to convince me very gently that no I don’t resemble a xmas pudding on stilts…….

Disco sounds and bland food openend the way for “the Boys”-  ahem – well 4 who were hoping we wouldn’t notice they weren’t Take That and would at least feel the vibe they tried so hard to project…. Surrounded by lyric-knowing hoards of Take That fans My baby, my bezzy and I dutifully clapped and whooed in appropriate places – tried to look as if we knew the words and did generally have a giggle and some fun with the Christmas crackers!

The next day I had my hair dyed pink! No way am I a frump!!!

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