Bookkeeper does……… The Gym

Lots of people work at home I never work at home though sometimes I do spend time here at SBI Towers!

During one such day I found myself with an hour to spare.  Did I spend it considering VAT journals ? did I spend it thinking about the best way to save money for a client who “is on top of everything”

No I decided in my wisdom to go the gym…..

One hour to fly around those machines and do damage to all of them.  So I in my lycra and shiny white trainers all topped off with an XXL t shirt to completely hide all of me enter the inner sanctum at my local leisure centre, which is the dreaded GYM….

Entering 30 mins on the rowing machine and plugging into “Get Pyscho” by “The Disturbed” on my MP3 I set off….. by the end of Get Pyscho I actually was…..

Unperturbed I figure they have put in new machines so my 30 mins became 3 with a promise to myself of “doing another 10 mins after the bike…”  My knees creaked on the bike so off I toddled to the crosstrainer..a brave 15 mins into the timer and now to the strains of  Greendays “21Guns” off we go – quite promising on the up and down of “random” programme  – and fortified by the bleep that signifies the end of the exercise I move off to the treadmill…. Being really smart I set it at a pace before I actually get onto it. The floor is now moving at my desired pace I  take a drink of my freshly opened still water, a deep breath – and hop onto said treadmill  Only to be thrown off onto the floor on my very ample posterior when I completely  miss the time and step required to remain on the dammed moving machine,…… Think I’ll pass on entering that race….. and yes ok the Olympics may well be out of my range but hey I went to the GYM !!!!

Next time think ill just tackle VAT Journals……

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